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Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI) Designated associate professor
Designated associate professor

Papers 1

  1. Development of Neutron Interferometer Using Multilayer Mirrors and Measurements of Neutron-Nuclear Scattering Length with Pulsed Neutron Source

    Fujiie T., Hino M., Hosobata T., Ichikawa G., Kitaguchi M., Mishima K., Seki Y., Shimizu H.M., Yamagata Y.

    Physical Review Letters   Vol. 132 ( 2 ) page: 023402   2024.1

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    Language:English   Publisher:Physical Review Letters  

    This study entailed the successful deployment of a novel neutron interferometer that utilizes multilayer mirrors. The apparatus facilitates a precise evaluation of the wavelength dependence of interference fringes utilizing a pulsed neutron source. Our interferometer achieved an impressive precision of 0.02 rad within a 20-min recording time. Compared to systems using silicon crystals, the measurement sensitivity was maintained even when using a simplified disturbance suppressor. By segregating beam paths entirely, we achieved successful measurements of neutron-nuclear scattering lengths across various samples. The values measured for Si, Al, and Ti were in agreement with those found in the literature, while V showed a disparity of 45%. This discrepancy may be attributable to impurities encountered in previous investigations. The accuracy of measurements can be enhanced further by mitigating systematic uncertainties that are associated with neutron wavelength, sample impurity, and thickness. This novel neutron interferometer enables us to measure fundamental parameters, such as the neutron-nuclear scattering length of materials, with a precision that surpasses that of conventional interferometers.

    DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.132.023402



KAKENHI (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research) 3

  1. Search for new fundamental interactions in sub-micron region via neutron scattering with hydrogen-absorbing nanoparticles

    Grant number:22H01231  2022.4 - 2026.3

    Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)

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  2. Solving the Neutron Lifetime Puzzle -Advanced Event Selection Using Polarized Neutron Decay Asymmetry-

    Grant number:22H00140  2022.4 - 2025.3

    Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)

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    Authorship:Principal investigator 

    Grant amount:\40300000 ( Direct Cost: \31000000 、 Indirect Cost:\9300000 )

  3. ソレノイド磁場で実現する新しい手法による中性子寿命問題の解明

    Grant number:21H04475  2021.4 - 2025.3

    科学研究費助成事業  基盤研究(A)

    吉岡 瑞樹, 三島 賢二, 槇田 康博, 北口 雅暁

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