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Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences Avian Bioscience Research Center Assistant Professor
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Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
Assistant Professor
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Degree 1

  1. Doctor (Engineering) ( 2017.12   Nagoya University ) 

Research Interests 3

  1. genome editing

  2. gene engineering

  3. transgenic chicken

Research Areas 1

  1. Life Science / Genome biology  / genome editing, gene engineering, transgenic birds


Papers 1

  1. Dual CRISPR-Cas3 system for inducing multi-exon skipping in DMD patient-derived iPSCs

    Kita Y., Okuzaki Y., Naoe Y., Lee J., Bang U., Okawa N., Ichiki A., Jonouchi T., Sakurai H., Kojima Y., Hotta A.

    Stem Cell Reports   Vol. 18 ( 9 ) page: 1753 - 1765   2023.9

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    Language:English   Publisher:Stem Cell Reports  

    To restore dystrophin protein in various mutation patterns of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), the multi-exon skipping (MES) approach has been investigated. However, only limited techniques are available to induce a large deletion to cover the target exons spread over several hundred kilobases. Here, we utilized the CRISPR-Cas3 system for MES induction and showed that dual crRNAs could induce a large deletion at the dystrophin exon 45–55 region (∼340 kb), which can be applied to various types of DMD patients. We developed a two-color SSA-based reporter system for Cas3 to enrich the genome-edited cell population and demonstrated that MES induction restored dystrophin protein in DMD-iPSCs with three distinct mutations. Whole-genome sequencing and distance analysis detected no significant off-target deletion near the putative crRNA binding sites. Altogether, dual CRISPR-Cas3 is a promising tool to induce a gigantic genomic deletion and restore dystrophin protein via MES induction.

    DOI: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2023.07.007



KAKENHI (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research) 1

  1. ゲノム編集技術を用いたインフルエンザウイルス抵抗性ニワトリの作製に向けた研究

    Grant number:22K15027  2022.4 - 2027.3

    科学研究費助成事業  若手研究

    奥嵜 雄也

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    Authorship:Principal investigator 

    Grant amount:\4550000 ( Direct Cost: \3500000 、 Indirect Cost:\1050000 )