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ZHAO Yuqing
Graduate School of Engineering Mechanical Systems Engineering 2 Assistant Professor
Graduate School
Graduate School of Engineering
Undergraduate School
School of Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Assistant Professor
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Degree 1

  1. Doctor of Engineering ( 2022.6   Nagoya University ) 

Research Interests 1

  1. Crash safety, Accident analysis, Driver response, VRU response, Active safety system evaluation

Research Areas 1

  1. Others / Others  / 自動車工学

Research History 1

  1. Nagoya University   Assistant Professor


Awards 3

  1. 第74回自動車技術会賞論文賞

    2024.5   自動車技術会  

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    Award type:Honored in official journal of a scientific society, scientific journal 

  2. 自動車技術会大学院研究奨励賞


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    Award type:Award from Japanese society, conference, symposium, etc.  Country:Japan

  3. IRCOBI Best presentation award


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    Award type:Award from international society, conference, symposium, etc.  Country:Italy


Papers 8

  1. The influence of seated postures and anthropometry on lap belt fit in vehicle occupants: A 3D computed tomography study Reviewed

    Yoshihiko Tanaka, Houtatsu Shu, Yuqing Zhao, Koji Mizuno, Minoru Yamada, Yoichi Yokoyama, Yoshitake Yamada & Masahiro Jinzaki

    Traffic Injury Prevention   Vol. 1 ( 9 ) page: 454 - 462   2024.3

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    Authorship:Corresponding author   Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    DOI: 10.1080/15389588.2024.2321915

  2. Predictive modeling of submarining risk in car occupants based on pelvis angle and lap belt positioning Reviewed

    Yuya Takeuchi, Yoshihiko Tanaka, Toshiharu Azuma, Yuqing Zhao, Koji Mizuno, Minoru Yamada, Yoichi Yokoyama, Yoshitake Yamada & Masahiro Jinzaki

    Traffic Injury Prevention     2023.11

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    DOI: 10.1080/15389588.2023.2278419

  3. 人体計測値を用いた衝突時の乗員のサブマリン予測モデルの構築 Reviewed

    田中良彦, 竹内裕也, 趙雨晴, 水野幸治, 細川成之

    自動車技術会論文集   Vol. 54 ( 4 ) page: 751 - 756   2023.7

  4. Analysis of fall kinematics and injury risks in ground impact in car-pedestrian collisions using impulse Reviewed

    Mizuno Koji, Horiki Masahiro, Zhao Yuqing, Yoshida Airi, Wakabayashi Asei, Hosokawa Toshio, Tanaka Yoshinori, Hosokawa Naruyuki

      Vol. 176   page: 106793   2022.10

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  5. Driver Responses to Cyclists Crossing from Near and Far Side in Driving Simulator Experiments Reviewed

    Zhao Yuqing, Mizuno Koji, Aoshima Yuhei, N.Kanianthra Joseph, Inagami Makoto

    International Journal of Automotive Engineering   Vol. 13 ( 2 ) page: 89 - 96   2022.1

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    Language:English   Publisher:Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, INC  

    Understanding car driver responses in emergency car-to-cyclist collisions is useful for developing active safety systems to reduce injuries in car-to-cyclist collisions. In this study, driver responses toward cyclists intruding into a car’s path at an intersection were investigated in scenarios with different time-to-collisions (TTC) (1.5 s and 0.8 s for the near side approach, and 2.0 s for the far side approach) using a driving simulator. The drivers’ responses to avoid collisions were braking and swerving, whereas swerving alone was not effective for avoiding collisions. Collisions occurred when the sum of braking reaction time (BRT) and car braking deceleration time was larger than the TTC when the cyclist was visible to drivers. The mean of BRT was 0.65 and 1.35 s in the near-side and far-side scenarios, respectively. The driver’s initial gaze has an important role in affecting the driver’s time to notice the cyclist. The gaze of many drivers was located on the future path (car lane) when the cyclist was visible. As the angle between the gaze direction and the cyclist was larger, the time taken for the driver to notice the cyclist was longer. As this notice time increased, the driver’s response changed consistently from swerving to braking. Through this study, a collision area is proposed using TTC and car velocity based on the collision occurrence equation.

    DOI: 10.20485/jsaeijae.13.2_89


    CiNii Research

  6. Analysis of normal and tangential restitution coefficients in car collisions based on finite element method Reviewed

    Yamamoto Y., Zhao Y., Mizuno K.

    International Journal of Crashworthiness   Vol. 27 ( 4 ) page: 1222 - 1231   2021.5

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:International Journal of Crashworthiness  

    In momentum-based impact models used in accident reconstructions, the restitution coefficient is a key role to determine impulses and delta-V accurately in car-to-car collisions. The restitution coefficients can be defined as the normal and the tangential direction in the contact plane, and the same value of the normal and tangential coefficients is employed in a two-dimensional PC-Crash model. Ishikawa (1993) proposed an impact model with the normal and tangential restitution coefficient, however, to the best of the author's knowledge, few studies have further investigated tangential restitution coefficients in detail. In this study, the normal and tangential restitution coefficients of the impact model were investigated based on the finite element (FE) analysis. FE simulations of angled barrier crashes with varying barrier angles as well as 16 car-to-car collisions were conducted. As the contact plane slides, the ratio of the tangential impulse to the normal impulse becomes the same value with the maximum friction coefficient. The tangential restitution coefficient is related to whether sliding occurs on the contact plane, and can be expressed as a function of the impulse ratio. The tangential restitution coefficient decreased with increasing the impulse ratio and is positive in non-sliding collisions and negative in sliding collisions. An approximate expression for the tangential restitution coefficient was formulated as a function of the generalized impulse ratio. The calculated impulses of the impact model with normal and tangential restitution coefficients were closer to the FE analysis than the PC-Crash model which uses a constant restitution coefficient of 0.1.

    DOI: 10.1080/13588265.2021.1926825


  7. Analysis of car driver responses to avoid car-to-cyclist perpendicular collisions based on drive recorder data and driving simulator experiments Reviewed International coauthorship

    Yuqing Zhao, Teruki Miyahara, Koji Mizuno, Daisuke Ito, Yong Han

    Accident Analysis and Prevention   Vol. 150 ( 105862 )   2020.12

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    DOI: doi.org/10.1016/j.aap.2020.105862

  8. AEB effectiveness evaluation based on car-to-cyclist accident reconstructions using video of drive recorder Reviewed

    Yuqing Zhao, Daisuke Ito, Koji Mizuno

    Traffic Injury Prevention   Vol. 20 ( 1 ) page: 100 - 106   2019.3

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    DOI: doi.org/10.1080/15389588.2018.1533247

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  1. ドライブレコーダを用いた四輪車対自転車の出会い頭事故の分析 Invited

    趙 雨晴,水野 幸治

      Vol. 75 ( 9 ) page: 96 - 101   2021.9

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    Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Article, review, commentary, editorial, etc. (scientific journal)  

Presentations 6

  1. Cyclist Behavior to Avoid Vehicle Collisions Using Drive Recorder Videos

    Yuqing ZHAO, Koji Mizuno

    International Cycling Safety Conference  2022.11 

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    Event date: 2022.11


    Venue:Dresden, Germany   Country:Germany  

  2. 転倒における大腿骨近位部の有限要素解析

    村上 颯太郎,趙 雨晴,水野 幸治


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    Event date: 2022.10

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  3. ドライブレコーダとドライビングシミュレータを用いた四輪車対自転車出会い頭衝突回避のためのドライバ反応の分析

    趙 雨晴,宮原 輝貴, 水野 幸治, 伊藤 大輔

    第56回日本交通科学学会学術講演会  2020.11 

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    Event date: 2020.11



  4. AEB effective evaluations by accident reconstructions using videos of drive recorders in perpendicular and turning car-to-cyclist collisions International coauthorship International conference

    Yuqing ZHAO, Daisuke Ito, Koji Mizuno, Chunyu Kong

    International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI)  2019.9 

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    Event date: 2019.9

    Language:English   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

    Venue:Italy, Florence   Country:Italy  

  5. ドライビングシミュレータによる四輪車対自転車の出会い頭事故再現

    宮原輝貴,趙 雨晴,孔 春玉,伊藤大輔,青木宏史,水野幸治

    第55回日本交通科学学会学術講演会  2019.6 

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    Event date: 2019.6

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  6. ドライブレコーダ映像を用いた事故再現による衝突被害軽減ブレーキの効果評価

    趙 雨晴,三久保瑛,水野幸治,伊藤大輔,近藤由麻,細川成之

    自動車技術会春期学術講演会  2018.5 

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    Event date: 2018.5

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  


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Teaching Experience (On-campus) 2

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  2. 物理学実験