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Graduate School of Medicine Designated assistant professor
Designated assistant professor

Degree 1

  1. 博士(社会人類学) ( 2013.3   首都大学東京 ) 

Research Interests 1

  1. South Asia, Sri Lanka, India, Traditional Medicine, Buddhism, Alms, Everyday Communism

Research Areas 1

  1. Humanities & Social Sciences / Cultural anthropology and folklore  / South Asia, Traditional Medicine, Sri Lanka, India, Buddhism, Alms, Everyday Communism

Current Research Project and SDGs 1

  1. 医師のプロフェッショナリズムとワークライフバランス


Presentations 2

  1. Blood Donation and Sinhala Buddhist: Group Blood Donation in After Conflict Jafna Invited

    Ayami UMEMURA

    Forum for Sri Lankan Studies   2021.12.5  Forum for Sri Lankan Studies

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    Event date: 2021.12

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

    Venue:Online meeting   Country:Japan  

  2. The Geopolitics of Blood: About Blood Donation Tourism in Jaffna in Sri Lanka

    Ayami UMEMURA

    The JASAS 34th Annual Conference  2021.10.6  The Japanese Association for South Asian Studies (JASAS)

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    Event date: 2021.10

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

    Venue:Senshu University(Online Meeting)   Country:Japan