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OYA Manami
Graduate School of Medicine Center for Research of Laboratory Animals and Medical Research Engineering Division for Advanced Medical Research Assistant Professor
Graduate School
Graduate School of Medicine
Undergraduate School
School of Medicine Department of Medicine
Assistant Professor

Degree 1

  1. 博士(学術) ( 2015.3   東京大学 ) 

Research Areas 1

  1. Life Science / Physiology

Current Research Project and SDGs 1

  1. メラノコルチン受容体発現神経細胞の加齢性変容の解析

Research History 4

  1. Nagoya University   Graduate School of Medicine Center for Research of Laboratory Animals and Medical Research Engineering Division for Advanced Medical Research   Assistant Professor


  2. Japan Society for Promotion of Science   Researcher

    2020.4 - 2021.3

  3. Nagoya University   Researcher

    2016.4 - 2020.3

  4. 上原記念科学財団ポスドクフェロー   イギリス エクセター大学   研究員

    2015.4 - 2016.3

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    Country:United Kingdom

Education 3

  1. The University of Tokyo

    2012.4 - 2015.3

  2. The University of Tokyo

    2010.4 - 2012.3

  3. The University of Tokyo

    2006.4 - 2010.3


Papers 2

  1. Age-related ciliopathy: Obesogenic shortening of melanocortin-4 receptor-bearing neuronal primary cilia.

    Oya M, Miyasaka Y, Nakamura Y, Tanaka M, Suganami T, Mashimo T, Nakamura K

    Cell metabolism     2024.2

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    DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2024.02.010


  2. Combi-CRISPR: combination of NHEJ and HDR provides efficient and precise plasmid-based knock-ins in mice and rats

    Yoshimi K., Oka Y., Miyasaka Y., Kotani Y., Yasumura M., Uno Y., Hattori K., Tanigawa A., Sato M., Oya M., Nakamura K., Matsushita N., Kobayashi K., Mashimo T.

    Human Genetics   Vol. 140 ( 2 ) page: 277 - 287   2021.2

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    Language:Japanese   Publisher:Human Genetics  

    CRISPR-Cas9 are widely used for gene targeting in mice and rats. The non-homologous end-joining (NHEJ) repair pathway, which is dominant in zygotes, efficiently induces insertion or deletion (indel) mutations as gene knockouts at targeted sites, whereas gene knock-ins (KIs) via homology-directed repair (HDR) are difficult to generate. In this study, we used a double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) donor template with Cas9 and two single guide RNAs, one designed to cut the targeted genome sequences and the other to cut both the flanked genomic region and one homology arm of the dsDNA plasmid, which resulted in 20–33% KI efficiency among G0 pups. G0 KI mice carried NHEJ-dependent indel mutations at one targeting site that was designed at the intron region, and HDR-dependent precise KIs of the various donor cassettes spanning from 1 to 5 kbp, such as EGFP, mCherry, Cre, and genes of interest, at the other exon site. These findings indicate that this combinatorial method of NHEJ and HDR mediated by the CRISPR-Cas9 system facilitates the efficient and precise KIs of plasmid DNA cassettes in mice and rats.

    DOI: 10.1007/s00439-020-02198-4



Presentations 4

  1. Age-related alternation in the intracellular localization of MC4R proteins: a novel mechanism of age-related obesity

    The 101st Annual Meeting of The Physiological Society of Japan  2024.3.28 

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    Event date: 2024.3

    Language:English   Presentation type:Symposium, workshop panel (public)  

  2. 視床下部MC4R発現ニューロンの加齢変容と中年太り


    第50回自律神経生理研究会  2023.12.2  自律神経生理研究会

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    Event date: 2023.12

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Symposium, workshop panel (public)  

    Venue:東京都健康長寿医療センター研究所 会議室  

  3. Hypothalamic melanocortin mechanism of age-related decline in brown adipose tissue thermogenesis

    Manami Oya, Kazuhiro Nakamura

    The 100th Anniversary Annual Meeting of The Physiological Society of Japan  2023.3.16 

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    Event date: 2023.3

    Language:English   Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  4. Hypothalamic melanocortin mechanism of age-related reduction metabolic thermogenesis Invited International coauthorship International conference

    Manami Oya, Kazuhiro Nakamura

    Congress of the International Society of Autonomic Neuroscience (ISAN) 2022  2022.9.5 

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    Event date: 2022.9

    Language:English   Presentation type:Oral presentation (invited, special)  


KAKENHI (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research) 2

  1. メラノコルチン受容体発現神経細胞の加齢性変容による代謝量調節機構の解明

    Grant number:21K15343  2021.4 - 2025.3

    科学研究費助成事業  若手研究

    大屋 愛実

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    Authorship:Principal investigator 

    Grant amount:\4680000 ( Direct Cost: \3600000 、 Indirect Cost:\1080000 )

    人間を含む恒温動物は成長に伴い代謝型熱産生量を調節することで適切な体温調節が可能になるが、発達や加齢に応じた代謝調節のメカニズムは不明である。代謝調節の中枢神経システムにおいてはメラノコルチン系が重要な役割を担っており、4型メラノコルチン受容体 (MC4R)の異常は代謝量を減少させ、肥満につながる。本研究では、発達に応じて変化する代謝調節における、視床下部神経細胞のMC4Rの機能を生理学・組織学・遺伝学的手法によって調べる。

  2. メラノコルチン受容体発現神経細胞の形態変容と肥満発症の連関機構

    Grant number:20J40056  2020.4 - 2023.3

    科学研究費助成事業  特別研究員奨励費

    大屋 愛実

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Teaching Experience (On-campus) 4

  1. 生理学実習(筋紡錘からの求心性放電)


  2. 生体の機能Ⅱ(植物機能生理学)


  3. 生理学実習(筋紡錘からの求心性放電)


  4. 生体の機能Ⅱ(植物機能生理学)



Social Contribution 1

  1. 人生100年時代を生きる 健康長寿のための3つのヒント


    名古屋 栄 中日文化センター  2023.2

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    Audience: General

    Type:Seminar, workshop