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KONDO Natsuki
Graduate School of International Development Department of International Development and Cooperation Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

Degree 1

  1. PhD(International Development study) ( 2018.3   Nagoya University ) 

Research Areas 1

  1. Humanities & Social Sciences / Area studies  / Africa Agency Education Competence Work

Current Research Project and SDGs 1

  1. ガーナ農村部における学卒者のキャリア形成ー複線型モデルに基づく追跡調査ー

Education 1

  1. Nagoya University   Graduate School of International Dvelopment

    2015.4 - 2018.3

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    Country: Japan


Papers 4

  1. University education reform in Ghana: case study of the University for Development Studies

    KONDO Natsuki

    Africa Educational Research Journal   Vol. 10 ( 0 ) page: 93 - 107   2019

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    Language:Japanese   Publisher:Japan Society for Africa Educational Research  

    DOI: 10.50919/africaeducation.10.0_93

  2. ライフストーリーにおける「個別性」についての一考察 Invited Reviewed

    近藤 菜月

    語りの地平     2018.11

  3. 社会変動と行為者―「革命」期のガーナ農村部における民衆運動を事例として― Invited Reviewed


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    Publishing type:Doctoral thesis  

  4. 途上国の社会運動を行為者の視点から捉える理論・分析枠組み -ライフストーリーによる行為の意味への接近- Invited Reviewed

    国際開発研究フォーラム     2018.3

KAKENHI (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research) 3

  1. The grasp of the characteristics of "knowledge" among African youths through an interdisciplinary constructivist approach

    Grant number:21H04411  2021.4 - 2026.3

    Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)

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  2. Career Formation of Graduates in Rural Ghana: A Follow-up Study Based on a Multi-track Model

    Grant number:21K13531  2021.4 - 2024.3

    Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research  Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists

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    Authorship:Principal investigator 

    Grant amount:\4550000 ( Direct Cost: \3500000 、 Indirect Cost:\1050000 )

  3. Skills assessment of industrial human resources and TVET curriculum evaluation in Africa

    Grant number:18KK0062  2018.10 - 2023.3

    Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research (B))

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