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Graduate School of Humanities Department of Humanities Associate professor
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Graduate School of Humanities
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School of Humanities Department of Humanities
Associate professor
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Degree 1

  1. Ph.D. ( 2009.11 ) 

Research Interests 1

  1. feminism, queer studies, critical race studies, food and cooking, material culture, film and media, the politics of decolonization

Research Areas 1

  1. Others / Others  / Cultural studies

Current Research Project and SDGs 2

  1. Media representations of gender and food

  2. Gender and race relations in Japanese wartime films

Education 2

  1. University of Toronto   Ontario Institute for Studies in Education   Sociology and Equity Studies in Education

    - 2009.11

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    Country: Canada

  2. Kyoto University   Graduate School, Division of Human and Environmental Studies

    - 1998.3

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    Country: Japan

Professional Memberships 3

  1. The Women's Studies Association of Japan

  2. Japan Association for Media, Journalism and Communication Studies

  3. Association for Asian Studies

Committee Memberships 1

  1. 名古屋テレビ放送   番組審議会委員  

    2019.4 - 2022.3   

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    Committee type:Other

Awards 3

  1. Government of Canada Award

    2002.9   Government of Canada  

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    International scholarship for non-Canadians.

  2. OISE/University of Toronto International Recruitment Award

    1999.9   OISE/University of Toronto  

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    Scholarship for international students.

  3. Rotary Foundation Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholar

    1998.9   Rotary Foundation  

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    Scholarship for international academic exchange.


Papers 5

  1. Women's Desire, Heterosexual Norms and Transnational Feminism: Kitahara Minori's Good-bye Hallyu Invited Reviewed

    Chikako Nagayama

    The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus   Vol. 14 ( 7 ) page: No.8   2016.4

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    Authorship:Lead author   Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

  2. Race as Technology and Blurred National Boundaries in Japanese Imperialism: Nessa no chikai (Vow in the Desert, 1940) Reviewed

    Chikako Nagayama

    Transnational Cinemas   Vol. 3 ( 2 ) page: 211-230   2012

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    Authorship:Lead author   Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

  3. Multicultural Broadcasting Policy in Canada: Mixed Notions of Participatory Democracy and Cultural Diversity Invited Reviewed

    Chikako Nagayama

    Ritsumeikan Studies in Language and Culture   Vol. 23 ( 4 ) page: 77 - 83   2012

     More details

    Authorship:Lead author   Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

  4. The Flux of Domesticity and the Exotic in a Wartime Melodrama Reviewed

    Chikako Nagayama

    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society   Vol. 34 ( 2 ) page: 369-395   2009

     More details

    Authorship:Lead author   Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

  5. Transforming Diversity in Canadian Higher Education: A Dialogue of Japanese Women Graduate Students Reviewed

    Mayuzumi, K., Motobayashi, K., Nagayama, C. and Takeuchi, M.

    Teaching in Higher Education   Vol. 12 ( 5-6 ) page: 581-592   2007

     More details

    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

Books 7

  1. クィア・スタディーズをひらく2

    菊地夏野、堀江有里、飯野由理子編著( Role: Contributor ,  第7章:家族の物語からのクィアな逸脱:角田光代の『八日目の蝉』にみる時間と空間)

    晃洋書房  2022.3  ( ISBN:9784771035607

     More details

    Total pages:252   Responsible for pages:204-228   Language:Japanese Book type:Scholarly book

  2. Gender and Food in Transnational East Asias: Toward a New Dialogue across Boundaries Reviewed International journal

    Jooyeon Rhee, Chikako Nagayama, Eric Ping Hung Li, eds.( Role: Joint editor ,  "Chapter 8, Neoliberal Women’s Agency and Time-Space Management in the Cook-and-Save Method, Tsukurioki”)

    Lexington Books  2021.10  ( ISBN:978-1-7936-2354-6

     More details

    Responsible for pages:310   Language:English Book type:Scholarly book

    "Gender and Food in Transnational East Asias illustrates how the production and consumption of food encapsulates the changes that affect social positions of women and men and their relationships with their families, the state, and their work, as well as shapes their gender, sexual, ethnic, and national identities. The transnational movement of food and people between East Asia and the rest of the world is increasingly visible, forming various forces behind the cultural and political constructions of gender politics among and beyond Asian diasporas. By critically engaging with history, practices, and representation of food as a constructive window to articulate gender dynamics in the From the publisher website: "East Asian region, this volume approaches food as a symbolic and material site where gender roles and identities are imagined, performed, and negotiated. It argues that a critical engagement with practices and representations of food from gender perspectives can enhance our understanding of the society and culture of transnational East Asias."

  3. Reading the Postwar Future: Textual Turning Points from 1944 Reviewed International journal

    Kirrily Freeman, John Munro, eds. ( Role: Contributor ,  Projecting Gender and Emotion in 1944 Japan: Young Women and Affect in Kurosawa Akira's the Most Beautiful)

    2020  ( ISBN:978-1-3501-0258-3

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    Total pages:261   Responsible for pages:131-145   Language:English Book type:Scholarly book

  4. Screening Justice: Canadian Crime Films, Culture and Society Reviewed International journal

    Steven Kohm, Sonia Bookman and Pauline Greenhill eds.( Role: Joint author ,  2. Show Your Face: Racialization of War Crimes in the NFB's The Mask of Nippon (1942))

    Fernwood Publishing  2017  ( ISBN:978-1552668160

     More details

    Language:English Book type:Scholarly book

  5. Film Music in 'Minor' National Cinemas Reviewed International journal

    Germán Gil-Curiel ed.( Role: Joint author ,  6. The Continental Melody': Soldiers and Japan's Imperial Screen)

    Bloomsbury Academic  2016  ( ISBN:978-1628926675

     More details

    Language:English Book type:Scholarly book

  6. ネット時代のパブリックアクセス

    金山勉・津田正夫(編著)( Role: Joint author ,  十四章「カナダの多文化社会と放送への市民参加」)

    世界思想社  2011  ( ISBN:978-4790715160

     More details

    Language:Japanese Book type:Scholarly book

  7. Changing Japanese Identities in Multicultural Canada. Selected Papers from the “Changing Japanese Identities in Multicultural Canada Conference” International journal

    Joseph F. Kess, Hiroko Noro, Midge M. Ayukawa and Helen Lansdowne eds. ( Role: Contributor ,  Imagined War and Nations: Canadian Wartime Propaganda Films and Representation of ‘Yamato Race’)

    the University of Victoria Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives  2003  ( ISBN:1550582763

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    Total pages:573   Responsible for pages:129-134   Language:English Book type:Scholarly book

    Other Link: https://www.uvic.ca/research/centres/capi/

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  1. 書評、菊地夏野著『日本のポストフェミニズム:「女子力」とネオリベラリズム』 Invited


    東海社会学会年報   ( 12 ) page: 84 - 88   2020.10

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    Authorship:Lead author   Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Book review, literature introduction, etc.  

Presentations 3

  1. 「作りおき料理本における起業家女性像と時間・空間管理」


    日本女性学会大会  2021.6.19  日本女性学会

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    Event date: 2021.6

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

    Venue:オンライン   Country:Japan  

  2. "Exploring Intersections of Gender and Food in East Asia" (Roundtable) International coauthorship International conference

    Jooyeon Rhee, Eric Li, Yuko Minowa, Chikako Nagayama

    AAS-in-Asia  2020.8.31 

     More details

    Event date: 2020.8 - 2020.9


  3. "Li Xianglan’s Post WWII Reincarnations - Persistence of Border-crossing Heterosexual Romance" International conference

    Chikako Nagayama

    Starring Asia Conference 2019  2019.12.3  Deakin University

     More details

    Event date: 2019.12

    Language:English   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

    Venue:Burwood, VIC   Country:Australia  

Works 1

  1. Yesterday Is Now: The War, 55 Years After Japan's Surrender



Teaching Experience (On-campus) 4

  1. Identity Making in Global Consumer Culture


  2. Space and Gender in Popular Culture


  3. Representing Japan: Image, Sound and People


  4. Key Concepts in Cultural Studies