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ALOWASHEEIR Azhar salman m
Graduate School of Engineering Materials Process Engineering 2 Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

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  1. Particle size optimization of metal-organic frameworks for superior capacitive deionization in oxygenated saline water

    Xing Zhiyuan, Xuan Xiaoxu, Hu Haiyan, Li Mohua, Gao Huimin, Alowasheeir Azhar, Jiang Dong, Zhu Liyang, Li Zhengtong, Kang Yunqing, Zhang Jing, Yi Xibin, Yamauchi Yusuke, Xu Xingtao

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS   Vol. 59 ( 30 ) page: 4515 - 4518   2023.4

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    Publisher:Chemical Communications  

    Pyrolysis-free metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with optimized particle sizes were used as capacitive deionization (CDI) materials in oxygenated saline water. Upon decreasing the particle size of the MOFs, excellent cycling stability and higher CDI performance were achieved. This was possibly due to the improvement in charge transfer and electrolyte permeation, uncovering the significance of particle size control in improving CDI performance.

    DOI: 10.1039/d2cc06460j

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