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Institute for Advanced Research Designated assistant professor
Graduate School of Science Designated assistant professor
Designated assistant professor

Degree 1

  1. 博士(理学) ( 2016.3   京都大学 ) 

Research Areas 1

  1. Natural Science / Theoretical studies related to particle-, nuclear-, cosmic ray and astro-physics


Papers 2

  1. Target space entanglement in quantum mechanics of fermions and matrices Reviewed International journal

    Sugishita Sotaro

    JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS   Vol. 2021 ( 8 )   2021.8

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    Language:Japanese   Publisher:Journal of High Energy Physics  

    We consider entanglement of first-quantized identical particles by adopting an algebraic approach. In particular, we investigate fermions whose wave functions are given by the Slater determinants, as for singlet sectors of one-matrix models. We show that the upper bounds of the general Rényi entropies are N log 2 for N particles or an N × N matrix. We compute the target space entanglement entropy and the mutual information in a free one-matrix model. We confirm the area law: the single-interval entropy for the ground state scales as 13 log N in the large N model. We obtain an analytical O(N) expression of the mutual information for two intervals in the large N expansion.

    DOI: 10.1007/JHEP08(2021)046

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  2. IR finite S-matrix by gauge invariant dressed states Reviewed International journal

    Hayato Hirai, Sotaro Sugishita

    Journal of High Energy Physics   Vol. 2021 ( 2 )   2021.2

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:Springer Science and Business Media {LLC}  

    DOI: 10.1007/JHEP02(2021)025

KAKENHI (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research) 1

  1. 重力理論の漸近対称性と平坦時空のホログラフィー

    Grant number:21K13927  2021.4 - 2026.3

    日本学術振興会  科学研究費助成事業 若手研究  若手研究

    杉下 宗太郎

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    Authorship:Principal investigator 

    Grant amount:\4550000 ( Direct Cost: \3500000 、 Indirect Cost:\1050000 )