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JANG Moonsun
Graduate School of Science Neuroscience Institute Designated lecturer
Designated lecturer
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Degree 1

  1. 博士(農学) ( 2010.3   東京大学 ) 

Research Interests 2

  1. c. elegans

  2. learning behavior

Research Areas 2

  1. Life Science / Applied microbiology

  2. Life Science / Neuroscience-general

Current Research Project and SDGs 1

  1. Genetic mechanism of tissue communication depending on learning behavior

Research History 3

  1. The University of Tokyo

    2014.5 - 2020.3

  2. ソウル大学   研究員

    2011.4 - 2013.10

  3. 国立がんセンター(韓国)   研究員

    2010.4 - 2011.3


Papers 12

  1. Neuron ID dataset facilitates neuronal annotation for whole-brain activity imaging of C. elegans

    Y. Toyoshima, S. Wu, M. Kanamori, H. Sato, M. S. Jang, S.u Oe, Y. Murakami, T. Teramoto, C. Park, Y. Iwasaki, T. Ishihara, R. Yoshida and Y. Iino

    BMC Biology   Vol. 18 ( 30 )   2020.3

  2. Multiple sensory neurons mediate starvation-dependent aversive navigation in Caenorhabditis elegans.

    M. S. Jang, Y. Toyoshima, M.Tomioka, H.Kunitomo, Y. Iino.

    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A.   Vol. 116 ( 37 )   2019.9

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    Authorship:Lead author  

  3. Regulation of sporangium formation by the orphan response regulator TcrA in the rare actinomycete Actinoplanes missouriensis.

    Y mouri, M.S. Jang, K Konishi, A Hirata, T Tezuka, Y Ohnish.

    Molecular microbiology   Vol. 107 ( 6 )   2018.2

  4. Genetic and Transcriptional Analyses of the Flagellar Gene Cluster in Actinoplanes missouriensis.

    M. S. Jang, Mouri Y, Uchida K, Aizawa S, Hayakawa M, Fujita N, Tezuka T, Ohnishi Y.

    J. Bacteriol.   Vol. 198 ( 16 )   2016.7

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    Authorship:Lead author  

  5. Isolation of a novel plasmid from Couchioplanes caeruleus and construction of two plasmid vectors for gene expression in Actinoplanes missouriensis.

    M. S. Jang, A. Fusita, S. Ikawa, K. Hanawa, H. Yamamura, T. Tamura, M. Hayakawa, T. Tezuka, Y. Ohnishi

    Plasmid   Vol. 77   2014.12

     More details

    Authorship:Lead author  

  6. uorum sensing controls flagella morphogenesis in Burkholderia glumae.

    M. S. Jang, Goo, E., J. H. An, J. Kim, I. Hwang.

    PLoS One.   Vol. 19(1) ( e84831 )   2014.1

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    Authorship:Lead author  

  7. Identification of a new gene organization related to carbohydrate catabolism from Citrobacter sp. Strain KCTC 18061P.

    M. S. Jang, J. S. Baik, H. Y. Kwon, Y. L Choi, J. W. Lee, K. S. Kim, Y. C. Lee.

    Afr J Microbiol Res.   Vol. 6 ( 47 )   2012.12

  8. Bacterial quorum sensing, cooperativity, and anticipation of stationary-phase stress.

    Goo, E., C.D. Majerczyk, J.H. An, J. R. Chandler, YS. Seo, H. Ham, J. Y. Lim, H. Kim, B. Lee, M. S. Jang, E. P. Greenberg, and I. Hwang.

    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A.   Vol. 109 ( 48 )   2012.11

  9. Characterization of Actinoplanes missouriensis spore flagella.

    K. Uchida, M. S. Jang, Y. Ohnish, S. Horinouchi, M. Hayakawa, N. Fujita, S. I. Aizawa.

    Appl. Environ. Microbiol.   Vol. 77 ( 7 )   2011.3

  10. Cyclin B1 stability is increased by interaction with BRCA1 and its overexpression suppresses the progression of BRCA1-associated mammary tumors.

    E. K. Choi , J-A Lim , J. K. Kim , M. S. Jang , S. E. Kim , H. H. Baek , E. J. Park , T. H. Kim , C-X Deng , R- Wang, S. S. Kim.

    Experimental and Molecular medicine.   Vol. 50 ( 136 )   2018.10

  11. Accurate Automatic Detection of Densely Distributed Cell Nuclei in 3D Space.

    Y. Toyoshima, T. Tokunaga, O. Hirose, M. Kanamori, T. Teramoto, M. S. Jang, S. Kuge, T. Ishihara, R. Yoshida, Y. Iino.

    PLoS Comput Biol.   Vol. 23(6) ( e1004970 )   2016.6

  12. Loss of β2-spectrin prevents cardiomyocyte differentiation and heart development.

    J. A Lim, H. J. Baek, M. S. Jang, E. K. Choi, Y. M. Lee, S. J. Lee, S. C. Lim, J. Y. Kim, T. H. Kim, H. S. Kim, L. Mishra, S. S. Kim.

    Cardiovasc Res.   Vol. 101 ( 1 )   2014.1

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