Updated on 2021/06/02


ODA Hirohisa
Graduate School of Medicine Department of Rare/ Intractable Cancer Analysis Research Industry-Academia Collaborative Chair Designated assistant professor
Designated assistant professor

Degree 1

  1. the Degree of Doctor of Information Science ( 2021.3   Nagoya University ) 

Research Interests 2

  1. Medical image processing

  2. computer-aided diagnosis

Research Areas 2

  1. Life Science / Medical systems

  2. Informatics / Life, health and medical informatics

Research History 2

  1. Nagoya University   Department of Rare/ Intractable Cancer Analysis Research, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine   Designated assistant professor


  2. Nagoya University   Department of Intelligent Systems, Graduate School of Informatics   Researcher

    2019.1 - 2019.12