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ANDOH Yoshimichi [ Designated lecturer ]
Graduate School of Engineering, Center for Computational Science
Physical properties in nanoscale,Development of parallelized molecular dynamics calculation softwares
BABA, Yoshinobu [ Professor ]
Graduate School of Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering
Micro/Nanodevice,Nano Materials/Nano Bioscience,Applied Genome Science,Analytical Chemistry
GOTOH Kazuhiro [ Assistant Professor ]
Graduate School of Engineering, Materials Process Engineering
Electronic materials/Electric materials,Applied materials
HASEGAWA, Masashi [ Professor ]
Graduate School of Engineering, Materials Physics
Applied materials,Inorganic materials/Physical properties,Optical engineering, Photon science,Inorganic Compounds, Intermetallic Compounds, Non-equiribrium Materials,Superconducting Materials, Magnetic Materials, Super-Hard Materials,Nanostructural physics,Polymer/Textile materials,Composite Materials/Physical Properties
JIN Lei [ Designated assistant professor ]
Graduate School of Engineering, Electronics
Optical engineering, Photon science
KAMETAKA Satoshi [ Professor ]
Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy
Cell biology,General anatomy (including histology/embryology),Functional biochemistry,Nerve anatomy/Neuropathology,Nanobioscience,Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering
KANDA Hideki [ Assistant Professor ]
Graduate School of Engineering, Materials Process Engineering
Catalyst/Resource chemical process,Composite materials/Surface and interface engineering,Plasma electronics,Biofunction/Bioprocess
KUTSUKAKE Kentaro [ Designated lecturer ]
Institute of Innovation for Future Society, Industry-Academia Cooperative Research Course
Crystal engineering
NAGAO Masahiro [ Associate professor ]
Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics
Applied materials
OGINO Masao [ Associate professor ]
Information Technology Center, High Performance Computing division
Computational science,High performance computing

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